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some packing tips 🎒 for an easy trip ✈️

Getting to Montenegro

There's three airports 🛬 within reach, all with low-cost flights across Europe, and all outside the Schengen zone.

  • Tivat TIV in Montenegro
    Our local airport, just 15 mins away and we'll pick you up†, or €10 taxi. (Most flights here are high season only, except Russian and local connections.)
  • Dubrovnik DBV in Croatia
    2h €45 pickup†, or €18 bus to Kotor (+45HRK/€6 Platanus airport shuttle to Dubrovnik bus station)
  • Podgorica TDG in Montenegro
    1h30 €45 pickup†, or €6 bus to Kotor (+€10 taxi to the bus station)

†We can provide a pickup for you ourselves, just let us know to confirm that someone will in fact be available.


You can visit Montenegro visa-free for 30 days if you've an EU (Schengen), UK or US visa, or with a passport issued by almost all countries in the Americas and Europe, plus Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, and Russia.

For some countries such as the US, UK and many (but not all) EU countries this is increased to 90 days. 📆👍

Otherwise a visa is required from a Montenegrin embassy (or Serbian embassy in many countries, and Croatian in Australia, the USA, and Chile).

The full list of permitted countries can be found on Wikipedia or the official document (in Word format), further details on the process is on the official website.

Getting around

If you've an EU driving licence or international permit, we've a shared 'banger' car 🚗 to get around (but please check with us that it will be available). To reach our local village just pop along the country lane with our bikes 🚲 (5 mins) or take a stroll 🚶‍ (15 mins), here you'll find shops stocking all the essentials plus a restaurant and café.

If you don't drive, in-season we regularly run trips into the neigbouring towns of Tivat and Kotor (15 mins), else taxis are easily arranged and Tivat/Porto Montenegro are also an easy bike ride.

Coaches travel between the major towns often hourly (timetables and booking), but none to the peninsula where we're located. The Tivat bus station is 7km/1h15 walking so better to ask us for a pickup!